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Anti Scale Inhibitor Cartridge (4.5" x 20")

Anti Scale Inhibitor Cartridge (4.5" x 20")


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SVOD-AS Anti Scale water filter Cartridge

A special high-quality food and antiallergenic ion-exchange resin developed which inhibits (prevents) the growth of hard lime scale crystals on heating elements, pipework, and fittings.

In addition, the SVOD-AS Anti Scale media reduces the content of heavy metals, chlorine and hydrogen sulphide in the water, preventing clogging of narrow ducts in shower and plumbing systems. Thanks to the special properties of this filter media, in the filtered water the calcium hardness salts Ca2 + and magnesium Mg2 + lose their ability to build upon surfaces, thereby preventing the formation of white deposits and hard limescale on the heating elements and prolonging their service life. As a result of using the filter with the SVOD-AS anti-scale media, the scale on the heat exchanger and pipework do not form, the surface is less exposed to corrosive water, which increases the service life of the water heating equipment pipework and sanitary ware, and also reduces gas and electricity costs.

virtually complete absence of scale on heating elements

reduction in iron, chlorine, hydrogen sulphide in water

increase the life of household appliances and water heating equipment

saving of electricity, gas, and detergents

removal of preformed scale deposits

excellent lifespan and treatable water volume of the filter cartridge

Operation principle of the SVOD-AS Anti Scale filter.

If no scale is allowed to crystallise (inhibit the growth of crystals), the hard limescale remains in a dissolved state and does not form solid deposits. It is this principle of operation that is embedded in the filler cartridge. The active ingredient is a food-grade anti-scale reagent, "planted" inside the anion exchange resin according to the developed and patented technology by the scientists of the Research and Design Institute "Water Treatment Technologies" Europe, which prevents the formation of scale on the heating elements of heating and sanitary equipment.

Hard water significantly reduces the life of household equipment (boilers, showers, washing machines, dishwashers) Hard limescale also reduces the effectiveness of soaps and detergents, the appearance of scale on the dishes, deterioration of the taste of cooked food. SVOD-AS Anti Scale filter relieves the hardness of the water.

Save money on your electricity and gas costs.

The well-known fact that the presence of even a small layer of scale on the walls of heating equipment significantly worsens the heat transfer, leads to a surplus of energy resources. Scientific tests have shown that 1 mm of scale increases the gas or electricity consumption by 10%, and if the layer of deposits grows to 10 mm, then the additional costs are increased by half!

This is due to the fact that the scale significantly reduces the thermal conductivity of the metal. Consequently, the time for heating the water increases (both due to a slowdown in heat transfer at the initial stage, and due to a constant reduction in power in the operating mode). The thermal conductivity of scales in tens, and often in hundreds, times less than the thermal conductivity of steel, from which heat exchangers are made. Therefore, even the thinnest layer of scale creates a great thermal resistance and can lead to such overheating of the pipes of boilers and heat exchangers, often causing the rupture of pipes. The formation of the scale layer is quite possible even within 6-12 months of operation, depending on the hardness, the amount of water consumed and the temperature of heating. Another danger that lurks behind a layer of salt deposits is that, that the scale is formed unevenly. This leads to the fact that the heater is heated differently in different places, which significantly increases its wear and tear and leads to breakdowns. The solution to this problem is the use of prepared water that will not form scale.


Operating temperature: +3 - + 43 ° C

Filter material: food grade ion-exchange resin ( anion exchange )

Filter Life: ( 12 months max)


After replacing the cartridge, it is necessary to flush it from process dust and particles approx. 10-20 liters

Do not use the filter longer irrespective of the volume of water used, the cartridge must be changed at least once every 12 months.

Filter Size





Service life

70,000 ltr
12 months

175,000 ltr
12 months

262,000 ltr
12 months

525,000 ltr
12 months


15 (l/min)


40 (l/min)

50 (l/min)

The average water usage per household, of course, depends heavily on the number of people in each household. In the table below you can see what the average annual water usage is depending on the size of a household:

What is the average water usage per household?

People living at home

Average Litres per day

Average annual water usage

Recommended SVOD-AS Filter Size