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Siliphos Scale Inhibitor Cartridge

Siliphos Scale Inhibitor Cartridge

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The Siliphos Anti-scale inhibitor cartridge is designed to fit inside the WFW, Liff NP1, NDL2 or other manufacturers 10" water filter cartridge housings. The filter inhibits the build-up of scale in a domestic water system and can be installed on the incoming main if required. The Siliphos doses the water with food grade polyphosphate.

Limescale is caused by the presence of calcium and magnesium salts dissolved in water in the form of soluble bicarbonates. Through the effect of heat, these salts are transformed into insoluble carbonates and tend to agglomerate as crystals, forming calcareous scale on the surface of pipes, coils and storage tanks used for the production of hot water for domestic or industrial use. Over time, the scale obstructs pipes and forms thick cement like encrustations in heating systems. This leads to inefficiency and to a drastic reduction in energy output, as well as to high servicing and maintenance costs.


The quantity of calcium and magnesium salts dissolved determines the “hardness” of the water, which is generally measured in ppm.

Siliphos treatment is widely used in hotels, coffee shops and restaurants and homes, is safe to drink, simple, effective and economical solution for the problem of scale deposits. When dissolved in water, the polyphosphate prevents the formation of calcium carbonate encrustation by acting upon its crystallization, without affecting the hardness of the water. Over time, it will also break down existing deposits. Polyphosphates also provide effective protection against corrosion by creating a thin protective film on the surface of the pipes, coils and water heaters.

It is recommended that SILIPHOS water filter cartridges are changed at least every 12 months, but on occasions, it may be necessary to change the water filter cartridge more frequently.

Filter cartridge can be used with any filtration system that uses 2.5" x 10" filters.

This size makes this filter compatible with many standard under sink and countertop systems across varying brands.