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FE-MIX-O3 with Ozone - 30LPM- 12" x 48" Vessel

FE-MIX-O3 with Ozone - 30LPM- 12" x 48" Vessel

Ref: FE-MIX-O3-1248

£695.00 Inc VAT
£579.17 Ex VAT

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Vessel Size: 1248

In/Out Connection 3/4"

Flow rate, ( 1.8 m3-2.5 m3 ): 30-40 LPM

Filter Media Volume: 58 ltr

The reagent-free water filter system AQUA KLENZE FE-MiX-O3 is used to remove iron (max 30 mg / l) and manganese (max 1.5 mg / l)

A unique multifunctional automatic backwash filter that will reduce iron, manganese, hydrogen sulphide and a wide spectrum of other heavy and non-ferrous metals dissolved in water, inc: ammonium, turbidity (sediment) and some water hardness, while Aqua Klenze FE-MiX-O3 with Ozone is chemical free and does not use reagents and after installation requiring no maintenance for approximately 8-12 years!

How Does Ozone Water Purification Work?

Ozone is composed of three Oxygen atoms. One of the atoms is connected to the others weakly and will transfer itself to other substances such as iron and organic bacteria, causing them to oxidize by binding itself onto them. Ozone water purification accounts for more than 90% of the world's purified water and most bottled waters are treated by ozone.

Ozone is a unique oxidation treatment method that uses natural ozone built by the ambient air around the system. It disinfects at a much higher level than chlorine, peroxides and other man made chemicals and leaves no DBP’s (disinfection by-products). Ozone simply breaks down back into oxygen once it has completed its sanitizing work so all you’re left with is a completely oxygen rich purified water.

Aqua Klenze FE-MiX-O3 with Ozone will reduce all these contaminates from your water supply

Iron - Manganese - Hydrogen Sulphide - Cobalt - Zinc - Cadmium - Nickel - Lead - Mercury – Turbidity (Sediment) - Partial water hardness (< 40%) - Increase РН - Radionuclides - Oil products - Ammonia & many others..

Aqua Klenze FE-MiX-O3 with Ozone is manufactured in the EU,

Low purchase and operating cost

Energy demand just 2-3 kW less than £1 per year!, being a very economical filtration system in service

Aqua Klenze FE-MiX-O3 with Ozone is very simple and consists of a vessel with media, an automatic valve and a small Ozone controller unit, which at the command of the automatic valve, periodically regenerates and restores the active properties of the filter media.

Aqua Klenze FE-MIX-O3 with Ozone does not pollute the environment with chemical reagents, being a filter with zero discharge of chemical reagents, with minimal environmental impact.

Aqua Klenze FE-MiX-O3 with Ozone is very economic with water to backwash the filter by using a revolutionary super lightweight media which does not overload your pump, also allowing you to save even more water because the cycle between regenerations is longer.

Filtration of a wide spectrum of contaminants without the use of reagents!

Automatic and fully autonomous use for at least 8-12 years!

Work with a wide range of water PH, starting from 6.3 with increasing pH of purified water!

Electricity & water saving!

The ability to simultaneously filter out upto 30 mg / litre of dissolved iron, up to 1.5 mg / litre of dissolved manganese, a significant amount of dissolved and heavy metals dissolved in water (Fe, Mn, Cu, Cd, Co, Ni, Hg, Pb, Zn and etc), some radionuclides, oil products, hydrogen sulphide and up to 30% of hardness salts without the use of reagents !!!

Aqua Klenze FE-MiX-O3 with Ozone is one of our most promising water filters that have no equals to date with other manufacturers, we offer you our free advice on choosing the best filter option size based on your water analysis and other technical requirements.

All we need to know is what water consumption per day / month? and peak water consumption per hour and your water test analysis?

The BEST combination of multi purpose, price and quality! It's the BEST Iron Removal choice!!!

Aqua Klenze FE-MiX-O3 tests with water PH <7:

Tests with capacity 2162 (130L) with FE-MiX-O3








Water test results before








Water test results after filtration 3.5 m 3









The inlet water pressure must be at least 3.5 bar for the Aqua Klenze FE-MiX-O3 with Ozone system to backwash.

Technical data

Technical parameters

Ozone controller and control valve power supply

AC 220-240V, 50Hz

Maximum energy consumption during the regeneration cycle


Typical power consumption per service cycle (filtering)


Incoming water connection pressure

3.5 - 5.5 bar

Ambient temperature

15-30 ° C

Maximum ambient humidity


PH level of water filtration

6.2 and above

Electricity consumption (per year)