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Limescale & Chlorine Removal Single Deluxe Water Filtration System

Limescale & Chlorine Removal Single Deluxe Water Filtration System


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Under sink Water Filter Kit With Contemporary Style Tap

Limescale & Chlorine Removal Filter Cartridge

General Description:

Filter cartridge. The CSR water filter reduces scale, scum, bad taste and odour from your water. It also reduces the levels of heavy metals from water including Lead. With a flow rate of approx. 5 litres per minute it is recommended the CSR water filter cartridge is fitted close to the point where the water will be used.

- Made of safe, food grade materials

- Contains a mixture of ION exchange resin and silverised granular carbon

- Removes chlorine, its derivatives and organic substances

- Improves taste and odour of water

- BPA Free Housing

Filter Housing

10"-type filter housings offer the versatility to meet all customer filtration needs. They are all dedicated for cold water on residential and commercial applications. Housings are compatible with a broad range of 2 1/2" x 10" type cartridges.

filter housings consist of a transparent sump and blue head with 1/4 JG inlet/outlet inserts and two O-rings (one placed around sump thread and the other inside filter head) ensures maximum leak-proof performance.

A transparent sump allows for the evaluation of cartridge contamination. Heads are equipped with a safety tab which prevents over tightening of the sump

can be mounted individually or connected in a series.

All housing come with bracket and wrench


- Two O-rings for maximum leak proof protection

- Domestic and commercial use

- Comes with filter bracket, wrench

- Easy to connect to cold water inlet

- Easy to install, No Electricity, No Drain Required

- Full flow ports

- Made in EU with High Performance Components

- Full fitting instructions included

It is recommended that CSR water filter cartridges are changed every 4-6 months, but on occasions it may be necessary to change the water filter cartridge more frequently depending on hardness of source water