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Inline Softening Filter
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Inline Softening FilterInline Softening Filter

Inline Softening Filter


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In-line softening cartridge filled with ion exchange resin.

Cartridge is filled with Cation ion exchange resin with a high exchange capacity of calcium and magnesium ions.

L-SOFT cartridges can help reduce the problem of hard water. Having passed through the cartridge, water is deprived of calcium and magnesium ions. cartridges are compatible with most household appliances available on the market and provided with the appropriate connection. They are used in coffee machines, ice makers, fridges etc. Water purified by L-SOFT cartridges release the natural flavour and aroma of your tea and coffee without leaving unpleasant stains on your mugs.

The structure of our cartridges was designed in such a way that their assembly and replacement is easy and does not require any specialized tools.

- remove calcium and magnesium from water

- help prevent from scale deposition