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Heavy Metals Fluoride Chlorine Filter

Heavy Metals Fluoride Chlorine Filter


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Under sink Water Filter Kit With Contemporary Style Tap

Fluoride, Chlorine & Heavy Metals Water Filter System

Consists of a single HMFLR filter cartridge and a 10" imperial filter housing with premium tap kit.

1st Stage: HMFLR filtration cartridge

contains a special blend of advanced media made up from Catalytic Activated Coconut Carbon coated with iron-hydroxide, Zeolite, Dolomite and KDF. CACC is (highly activated) by coating a positive (+) charge which enhances the adsorption of contaminants that have negative charge and is an advanced media designed to adsorb very high level of chloramines which are replacing chlorine in the disinfection process and form Trihalomethanes (THMs) – a cancer causing substance. Catalysed with Iron, Iron Catalyst has the highest Oxidation and Adsorption pores Inside as well as outside the activated carbon. The removal of tannins Including humic acid, fulvic acid and major constituents of natural organic matter. Humic substances with chlorine produce disinfection by products such as Trihalomethanes (THMs). A very big problem with organics are bacterial growth in water distribution systems by serving as food source that induce unpleasant taste and colour in drinking water. Catalytic coconut carbon coated with iron-hydroxide is tested to meet NSF 61 Standard


Zeolites are natural volcanic minerals with a number of unique characteristics. Zeolites were formed when volcanic ash was deposited in ancient alkaline lakes.

Based on numerous studies, Zeolite is effective adsorbent in numerous processes of purification of drinking water and wastewater, such as the removal of ammonia, nitrogen, dissolved organic matter, radioactive substances and the removal of heavy metals.

Zeolite is tested to meet NSF 61 Standard

KDF Media

Patented KDF process media consist of high-purity copper-zinc formulation. These substances exchange electrons and bond with chlorine and other heavy metals contained in the source water.

Through a chemical process known as redox (oxidation/reduction), KDF process media removes up to 98% of water-soluble cations (positively-charged ions) which will remove chlorine, lead, mercury, iron and hydrogen sulfide. The redox reaction also inhibits the growth of bacteria, algae, and fungi. As an added benefit, KDF media reduce lime scale, mould, and fungi. Wherever KDF Media is used, it can eliminate the need for costly, and sometimes harmful, chemical treatments. KDF media is completely safe and meets EPA and Food and Drug Administration standards for levels of zinc and copper in potable water,

KDF media is certified by the NSF Standard 61 and Standard 42 standards.

There is considerable medical evidence against adding fluoride into our tap water and this system is perfect for those who are concerned about their levels of fluoride intake and want to reduce it from their drinking tap water. Also with the added benefit of coconut carbon and KDF media to remove bacteria, Chlorine bad taste and odours.

Fluoride is toxic

Too high a dosage of fluoride causes headache, abdominal pain, eye pain and skin hurt. Moreover, there is a general feeling of being ill. In people with kidney problems caused dialysis water with fluoride bone abnormalities. Fluoride is also responsible for lower IQ and causes neurological problems. Users of fluoride are generally less critical and more willingly.

The dangers of fluoride

More and more studies show that even small amounts of fluoride can all have devastating effects on health, in the form of tooth damage and osteoporosis.

Filter life: upto 6-9 months