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Arsenic,Fluorides & Heavy Metals (2,5" x 10")

Arsenic,Fluorides & Heavy Metals (2,5" x 10")


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FLAR water filter cartridges are filled with high quality NSF approved highly adsorptive iron-based media dedicated to selective Arsenic removal. Independent laboratory test also confirms the removal of Fluorides and heavy metals also. This 2-stage filter cartridge also provides crystal clear filtered water.

Effectively removes Arsenic

Eliminates Fluorides and Heavy Metals

Axial flow ensures use of the entire media during filtration

Manufactured in EU

Highest quality guaranteed

Flow 6 litres per minute

Filter life 6 months max

As is normal with any granular filter cartridge flush prior to use and is best used after a 5 micron sediment cartridge, also a post carbon filter is desirable but not necessary.

Filter cartridge can be used with any filtration system that uses 2.5" x 10" filters.

This size makes this filter compatible with many standard under sink and countertop systems across varying brands.