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Aqua Klenze Water Filtration Systems

Our mission is to help you & your family enjoy cleaner, safer,
better tasting water in an environmentally friendly way


In many parts of the UK the water is hard, causing pipes and heating boilers to block up with limescale which can also harbour bacteria. Until now water softeners require salt to function which is harmful to the environment. Our system requires no salts, chemicals or power.


There are also many organics in our water inc Virus and Bacteria. These organics can cause many serious diseases, like diarrhoea, respiratory tract infection, organ failure, etc. Lead can cause many serious health problems, like anaemia, irritability, miscarriages, and nerve damage.


By installing one of our systems in your home, you avoid the need to buy plastic bottled water. Over 2 billion plastic water bottles are disposed of every week, many of these bottles find their way into landfill, Countryside and the ocean.
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    Volatile Organic Chemicals

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    Fluoride & Arsenic

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    Lead & Heavy Metals

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    Endocrine Disruptors

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    Pharmaceutical Drugs

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    Chlorine & Chloramine

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    Fracking & Petrochemicals

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    Bacteria, Cysts & Viruses

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    Agricultural Chemicals